Is deploying to multiple providers done sequentially?

Is the deployment to each provider done sequentially in the order specified in the config? For example, would cloudcontrol run and complete before running heroku? Thanks in advance.

  - provider: cloudcontrol
    deployment: "APP_NAME/DEP_NAME"
  - provider: heroku
    api_key: "YOUR HEROKU API KEY"

Yes. All steps in the job’s lifecycle are done sequentially, one after another.

Thanks for the confirmation, though I don’t see mention of that in the section that you linked.

That’s because it kinda goes without saying since it’s the default of how any job script works.

If you have multiple tasks running in parallel, their output would get mixed up and be impossible to follow and diagnose. Not to mention the logic would be harder to write and more error-prone due to all sorts of potential race conditions.

You can suggest an improvement to that documentation page using the “improve this page on Github” link on top of it if you wish.