Impossible to delete a cache for branch 'c++17'

I had cache issues recently and tried to delete most of my branch caches, both to make some room and to try to solve my issue. Everything seemed fine but my ‘c++17’ branch still failed. After playing a bit with the web interface, I realized that the cache for my ‘c++17’ wasn’t deleted: when I delete it and refresh the page it’s still there, even if I wait for some between the two actions, and even if I don’t have any job running for it.

Is it possible that having a ‘+’ in a branch name makes it unremovable from the web interface? I did manage to fix my issue by ignoring the cache from the .travis.yml, so it does look like an issue with the web interface.


I’m seeing the same with branch-names containing a “/” like fix/issue_name.

Deleting them individually does not work in the web-interface.
The “Delete all repository caches” link does work.