HTTPError: 403 Client Error: Invalid or non-existent authentication information


I am seeing this error when I tried to update my package on PyPI. I have tried the same credentials to other repo and it works fine. But on this repo, if I upload using twine from CLI it looks good. But uploading from Travis (tagging commits) failed with this error.
Here is the link to build

Hey @syedimranhassan,

Try re-encrypting your password running these following commands:

travis logout --org
travis login --org
cd path/to/project
travis encrypt <your_pypi_password>

Let me know if this gives you any luck.

Thanks @Montana
I have encrypted the password for other repo and it works fine but for this repo I am facing this error. If there is some issue with encryption then it should not worked for other repo as well.

Hello @syedimranhassan,

Try taking a look at this document, I understand it’s the same vars, but this should have information you need to deploy. Read about using special characters specifically.