how to run conditional deploys for multiple os?


Hi experts, currently my app is built on 3 different platforms, now I’m trying to deploy those 3 arifacts to GitHub release. Not sure why but there is only one job created to run the deploy?

  - linux
  - osx
  - windows

  - test
  - name: deploy
    if: tag IS present

    - stage: test
      script: npm test
    - stage: deploy
      script: npm run travis
        provider: releases


Hello, there.

This configuration defines:

  • 3 jobs in the default test stage with varying os values (with default configuration for the language you specify outside of this YAML snippet)
  • 1 additional job in the test stage, with script overridden with npm test
  • if tag is present, 1 job in the deploy stage with properties given (all others are defaults)