How to disable (not

I installed Cirrus CI for testing on FreeBSD. Something went sideways and I lost most Travis CI functionality. I can’t seem to get things sorted out.

One of the problems I am having is, the damn web pages keep trying to do things on I am a FOSS developer, and I don’t have any private repositories. I only have public repositories or forks of public repositories. I only have a account. I don’t have a account. I did not sign up for the beta service.

I want completely gone. I’m tired of fighting with the UI’s due to the damn site. The redirects from GitHub to are useless. breaks my account. I can’t manage manage anything from it. The account is like a cancer.

I want to disable on my account, but I don’t see a setting to do it. How do I completely nuke that useless account? Or do I need to setup a firewall rule to drop all traffic?

(Travis providing different [similar] web sites for the same service was an awful usability decision for users. Users see one service: Travis CI. Similar names with different behavior and unwanted redirects is confusing at best, and breaks things in worse cases. Travis should consider picking one name and providing all services through the one name. Stop providing different functionality for the same service among names).