How share data between jobs in same stage?

I have looked into “workspaces” Using Workspaces (Beta) - Travis CI but it does not work when I try to share file between jobs which happen on same stage.
any advises?

Hi @ttodua,

Can I see your .travis.yml?

You asked for example travis.yml, but the thing is that i dont have the one that works, tried many different configurations, so can’t provide any specific. what I ask is simple how can I do so two jobs, which are running parallelly (on same stage) shared some data (or file) using workspaces? because, with workspaces I was only able to share between stages, like:

    - job: "cs_job"
          name: wks1
            - data1.json
        - node my.js

    - job: "pjp_job"
        - wks1
        - node my.js

so, in my.js I want to read&write into .json file so both jobs could talk to each other. even I am ok if there is a way to share some environment variable, if file can’t be shared.
I just want one job to signal another job about it’s failure/success. because of complexity i dont want to split that into multiple stages.