How can I share coverage information between build stages in PRs from forks?

@dominic - thanks for the reply, I don’t need to use caching (I often don’t), so what do I set CACHE_NAME to (and where in my .travis.yaml?) just that I get some shared space across all jobs in a build?

@dominic - I don’t believe that CACHE_NAME will work for the reasons given here:

I think you are right. CACHE_NAME would only work without environment variables (or they would need all the same names and values) or language runtime version.

I think at this point you would need to use some kind of 3rd party hosting provider, possibly one that doesn’t require authentication.

I’m sorry for not having an out of the box solution for you right now.

Third party hosting provider that doesn’t require authentication? You’re a funny guy :wink:

Please can you do what you can to support my feature request:

…in the meantime, I’m going to have to go with a horrible hack of re-triggering a travis build via the api using a custom config so that I can check all-but-the-current-travis-status on the current commit using the github status api :’(

Sorry for the delay of my reply but I thought you might be interested in this new feature we have released:

It would allow you to share files within one build without requiring an external hosting provider nor sharing its credentials.

Let us know what you think in the linking post.


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@cjw296 I know you were using coveralls, but in case you’re still looking for a solution, CodeCov automatically merges all reports from a build together.
I stumbled upon this thread while looking for a solution to this for an open-source project of mine, and then found out that CodeCov already handles this scenario automatically! Hopefully this is a useful note for any future readers :slight_smile: