Go tip on windows

Hi there,

i added a windows build to our travis.yml. We build golang with the versions “1.10”, “1.11”, “1.12” and additionally with “tip”. This works without any problems for Linux, but when it tries to build “tip” with windows, following error occures:

Your build has been stopped.
I don't have any idea what to do with 'tip'.
  (using download type 'auto')
Failed to run gimme

.travis.yml: https://github.com/mroote/factorio-server-manager/blob/develop/.travis.yml
Error in PR: https://travis-ci.org/mroote/factorio-server-manager/jobs/530902083

How to make “tip” work with windows, or is it currently not even possible?

Ok, i got it, just use 1.x instead.
1.x will load the newest Version 1.
Equivalent to 1.12.x or 1.12.5 currently