Github Personal pages - Skipping a deployment with the pages provider because this branch is not permitted


I recently found out travis ci, but I’m having some problems as a newbie.

I have a personal github page (, which is a public repo. Github requires personal pages to be published from the master branch.
Since I’m using Angular, I’d like to have a source code available, so I have made a new default branch called angular-src.

My idea was; travis grabs src from angular-src branch, builds it and then deploys it to master branch, so as to allow it to be published.

The github_token value is indeed allowed for angular-src.
Build works just fine, but when deploying, I get the error
Skipping a deployment with the pages provider because this branch is not permitted: angular-src
I’ve also added branch-protection-rule with flag Allow force pushes: true for master.

This is the build URL:
My travis.yml can be seen at

What can I do to grant the permission?
Thanks in advance.

You need to specify the branch(es) that can trigger deployments in

without on.branch, only the master branch is allow to fire deployments.

Hi. First I’d like to thank you for the answer, but I still can’t get it to work. I have set the custom config to deploy.on.branch to master, but it still fails, this time with empty log. I have restarted the build twice, but log is again empty … Do you know what I’m doing wrong besides the previous issue? Thank you so much.

Build URL(check the config used there, not on github):

Did you read the document?

It should explain that what you need is something like:

  provider: pages
  strategy: git
  cleanup: false
  token: $github_token
  local_dir: docs/
    branch: angular-src

Hi, sorry to bother you again. I misunderstood the docs and thought you can do “cross-branch-deployment” with that option. Now the deployment is working, however, it’s deploying the build to gh-pages. Is it possible to change that or not? (Like, instead of deploying to gh-pages branch, to deploy on master branch).

Thank you for your time & answers you’ve provided.

The option you’re looking for is target_branch.

Thank you!