Git protocol.version 2

Hi there,

a couple of tests started to fail recently with the following error on both macOS and Linux:
fatal: unknown value for config 'protocol.version': 2

After logging git config protocol.version to the console, I can confirm you are using the version 2.

Is this a recent change? How can I disable it, or set back to the default 0? We are testing Git functionality, and this causes issues.

Thank you!

Edit: here is the PR with the change:

I’m going to resolve this as a duplicate of

Thanks for the quick response! :rocket:

Can you please answer my question before resolving it as a duplicate? Yes, both tickets describe the same problem but I would like to know if there was a change on your side or not?

By the way, the original issue does not contain any info about my question either:

Got to fail these days suddenly and I have no idea what was changed in your environment.