Firebase Authentication Error

I kept getting this error when I followed the tutorial to set up Firebase deployment

Error: HTTP Error: 401, Request had invalid authentication credentials. Expected OAuth 2 access token, login cookie or other valid authentication credential. See

Any help is appreciated

Most likely your credentials are incorrect at the deployment time. If you encrypted your credentials, they were probably encrypted incorrectly. Try specifying the repo with -r, and the endpoint with --pro (for .com), or --org (for .org); e.g.,

travis encrypt -r OWNER/REPO --com

Alternatively, try setting it on the settings panel.


I am not successful with the approach. Anyone else is lucky with this?

Setting edge to true has seemed to resolve the problem.

This could possibly be because of a recent change to the firebase-tools which has fixed the issue.

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Try this:

- npm test
- npm run build
  - firebase --non-interactive --token $FIREBASE_TOKEN

hey - could you clarify how you set this flag? We’re experiencing the same issue. Tried setting

  provider: firebase
  project: XXX
  edge: true
    secure: XXX

but that didn’t work.

All configurations here looks correct. However, If you happened to be trying to deploy a web application built be webpack on Firebase Hosting you might want to try to set you cleanup option to persist the built artifact.

Thanks - we were using the clean argument, turned I we hadn’t got the syntax right, and @BanzaiMan’s solution worked for us after all. That is

travis encrypt “1/BLAHBLAHBLAH” -r org/repo --com --add