File system used for Arm64 LXD

Hi, I’m testing RocksDB using TravisCI. And one case is always failed there:

While this test had been always passed on Arm in baremetal/VM/docker/LXD.
As the failed case depends on underlying file system feature, may I know what file system is using in your Arm64 LXD, so we can try to duplicate same environemt here for further debug?

Really appreciate.

Looking at the output of mount, the host’s FS is ext4 on an NVMe drive, and the virtual overlay root filesystem that hosts the container’s contents is shiftfs with passthrough=3.

Oh, right, I just forgot mount… :crazy_face:
Thank you very much. Now I can reproduce the issue on my local server.

I can see that the LXC container is using shiftfs, as @native-api mentioned. But I’m wondering what storage backend is used for LXD. ZFS or something?
This info cannot be read within a container. And that one may cause the issue I encountered.