Exited 137 run flutter

please,any solutions ?

Exit code 137 usually means that your program has been killed with SIGKILL (https://www.baeldung.com/linux/status-codes, List of Kill Signals - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange).

According to Exit code 137 - Out of memory – CircleCI Support Center, some programs also self-terminate with this exit code when they run out of memory.

See if there are any other error messages that can hint what’s wrong. Also check the raw log: since your program seems to be using terminal control characters, there may be output that’s not visible in the normal log due to them.

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Need a more verbose log, could we possibly get the build link?

i will send to your message

Hey @asikin08!

Can you also please send the same message to @native-api? I’ll take a look at this first thing when I hop back on, but @native-api I think is on a different time zone, so you may get a quicker response that way!


In the log screenshot that you sent me:

$ travis_wait 15 dart test_driver_tah1et/config/login/app_login.dart

Still running (15 of 15): dart test_driver_tab1etlconfigl10ginlapp_login.dart

Timeout (15 minutes) reached. Terminating "dart test_driver_tablet/config/login/app_login.dart"

The command dart test_driver_tablet/config/login/app_login.dart exited with 137.


As the output tells you, the script has been killed by travis_wait because it did not finish within 15 minutes.
The output after Log: is what that script printed in the course of its work.

Since that script does seem to report on its progress regularly, running it via travis_wait seems unnecessary (unless it’s somehow critical for you that it must run to completion in no more than 15 minutes).

Besides, since the script’s output is not “abruptly cut”, it looks like the script may be hanging rather than simply taking more than 15 minutes to finish.

is there any solution i will send the test travis code too?