Every D CI attempt fails

Every D CI fail on Travis.

See: Current outage due to SSL certification issue · Discussion #12123 · dlang/dmd · GitHub

d.rb needs to be fixed

Is D supported in Travis CI? This doesn’t exactly gives confidence in the paid service.

I tried and this doesn’t fix the issue. Is Travis responsible for its offering?

Doing a bit of a deep dive in the backend, make sure your .travis.yml is in your root directory please.

@Montana , you need to upgrade ca-certificates in all images. And rather than just upgrade, probably do a clean reinstall: uninstall it, wipe out all /etc/ssl/certs and /usr/share/ca-certificates then install again – since just upgrading doesn’t solve the problem in Xenial for some reason.

Hi @montana .travis.yml is indeed in the root directory.

OK this looks to be resolved for now. Some builds fails randomly still, but at least you can re-lanunch them.
Thanks for reaction.

Hey @p0nce,

They probably are just in queue. I’m glad this issue self resolved.