Docker Linux containers on Windows

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First: congrats for the new Windows support! Looks great!

Is it possible to use both Windows and Linux docker containers on Windows workers?
And is it possible to switch to the Windows/Linux docker daemon as needed?

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Any news? Did you manage to do this?

@gonzalocasas : Nothing new on my side, I’m still using a server separate from my CI for this kind of stuff.

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Yeah, it doesn’t seem possible at the moment…

Related: Docker in Windows uses a Linux VM to host images.

Possible duplicate of Docker hyperv isolation support to run older Windows images

@native-api doesn’t look like Choclatey can help here. Even when installing Docker via Choclatey, pulling down Debian gives me:

$ docker pull debian/latest

“image operating system “Linux” cannot be used on this platform”

Maybe an option in .travis.yml to flip the VM engine to Linux container mode would fix this.

Try – this is the product that uses a Linux VM as a host.
(When I tried out Docker, this was the only product that worked in Windows so I assumed that whatever is installed on a build server is this. Looks like it’s not.)

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Thanks, but already tried that too. Creating a new machine with docker-machine gives me:

Error with pre-create check: “This computer doesn’t have VT-X/AMD-v enabled. Enabling it in the BIOS is mandatory”

I guess I’m currently out of options, and I’ll have to go the QEMU route :frowning:

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Is it possible to use both Windows and Linux docker containers on Windows workers?

Is there a particular reason for wanting to use a Linux container on a Windows host? Surely you’d get better performance (and run into fewer issues) running Linux containers on a Linux host.

@shoogle : I needed to run some integration tests for a desktop client app with a linux-only backend.

Please create an explicit feature request or upvote an existing Add KVM support to make the missing feature more prominent.

Since the reason for this topic’s problem has been identified, it can be marked resolved I surmise.

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The feature request is at