Devtools - Error in match.arg(upgrade, c("ask", "always", "never")) : 'arg' must be of length 1

As of the April 4th CRAN update to devtools v2.0.2, Travis CI is encountering an error with devtools during its setup phrase when building R packages (the error occurs prior to Travis testing any of the user’s R code). I’ve encountered this issue with a R package today that previously passed Travis’ tests - neither package’s code was changed before running on Travis.

Error in match.arg(upgrade, c("ask", "always", "never")) : 'arg' must be of length 1

See full Travis’s job log hope it helps!


I’ve faced the same problem since this morning, here is the log, how can we solve this problem?

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Chiming in on this, having the exact same error. Two package builds are currently failing due to this.

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I have the same issue too Log

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Same issue today with my last push… log

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Same story: link to log

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Same here.

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I tried this patch but it didn’t work…

  - r-lib/devtools

This is due to an inconsistency between devtools and the released version of the remotes package. I am planning on submitting a quick fix of remotes today to fix the issue. In the meantime you can install the development version of remotes to fix the issue in before_install.

before_install: R -e 'source("")'

I got another error now
The command "R -e 'source("")’" failed and exited with 1 during

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Same new error log

> source("")

Error in utils::download.file(url, path, method = download_method(), quiet = quiet, :

cannot open URL ''

Calls: source ... remote_sha.github_remote -> github_commit -> download -> base_download

Execution halted

The command "R -e 'source("")'" failed and exited with 1 during .
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In my case this fixed the problem, thanks!

In my case just re-running the job did the trick, since the remotes version fixing this problem was already on CRAN. Thanks @jimhester!