[: DEPRICATED: binary operator expected


my build started to fail with quite a strange message

I’m using - "[ -z $errlist ]" in my script in order to check that $errlist is empty.

I started to get the following message:

$ [ -z $errlist ]
/home/travis/.travis/functions: line 109: [: DEPRICATED: binary operator expected
The command "[ -z $errlist ]" exited with 2. 

First of all, the word DEPRICATED is spelled incorrectly. Then, it’s unclear what ‘binary operator’ am I supposed to use.

What can it be?

cat -n that file to get the faulty code line.

Other than that,

and that “DEPRICATED” must be a part of $errlist.

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Oops my fault, I must have read the output more carefully! thanks for your answer, found out the cause, solved!