Create_request permissions suddenly needed but no information about it online

Making a request to suddenly returns the following response since Friday 7th February 2020. Nothing has changed at my end.

  "@type": "error",
  "error_type": "insufficient_access",
  "error_message": "operation requires create_request access to repository",
  "resource_type": "repository",
  "permission": "create_request",

There is no information anywhere online, that I can find, about this illusive create_request permission: how it might be assigned to an API token. It seems to me API tokens have absolutely no configuration whatsoever. There is some vague notion that Travis API tokens might somehow be based on GitHub access permissions but there is no explanation of how GitHub access maps to Travis API permissions, and specifically which permission maps to create_request.

Which repository is it, and what’s the owner of that API token issuing the request?

It was this repository and the owner of the API token is @Azure-bot.

I’ve tried converting the account from an outside collaborator to a team member. Now the account is set up exactly the same as another account that works, yet the problem with create_request persists…

According to our records, @Azure-Bot has access to no repository. Is Travis CI enabled for this account?

I’m not sure I know what that means. It has been using this API key to create requests at that repository for over a year and nothing changed at my end. How would I “enable Travis CI” for an account?

I had to delete all integrations and re-login to Travis to re-create the GitHub integration (OAuth app or whatever). To be clear, the integration looks exactly the same as before I deleted it, with the same access to the same organizations and repositories. Previously, clicking sync pretended to complete successfully also. There was no indication there was any problem or incorrect configuration, but deleting and starting again was the only way I could fix it.