Could someone please upgrade the GDC travis use?

I’m hitting #8980

The gdc compiler (GNU compiler for the D language) is lagging behind: the current version is 6.3.0, but Travis still has 4.8.5.

This makes it really impractical to implement GDC support in the intel-intrinsics library.
Could someone upgrade the GDC version used?

I can use but this is not enough, it needs to be tested routinely.

cc: @ibuclaw, @klickverbot, @MartinNowak

Where do you get that information? lists versions 2.x from 2016, and (which is the file that d: gdc relies on) tells us that 4.8.5 is the latest version.

If you go to and use the --version switch, it displays

gdc (GCC) 9.0.1 20190425 (experimental)
Copyright © 2019 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO
Compiler returned: 0

The downloads from use a D compiler frontend which is based on DMD 2.068.2, which dates back to Sep 23, 2015. is wrong and the downloads on are not the latest you could find… probably related to GDC being merged into GCC?

So it would be real nice for the D community to have a more recent GDC in Travis.

You can suggest updates to


@wilzbach any idea what’s going on?

Well we don’t have any newer binaries for GDC to install. Unfortunately, no one has bothered to do so and I think Ian and Johannes are still very busy with integrating gdc fully into gcc.

tl;dr: if there are newer binaries, please point me to them.

@wilzbach we managed to get compatibility of intel-intrinsics for GCC 4.8, 4.9 and 5.2. This issue is thus much less of a problem, as long as DMDFE >= 2.068