"Could not resolve host: github.com" randomly on xcode builds for the last week+

We’ve recently been having(for 1 and a half week I’d say?) Xcode jobs randomly failing because Travis couldn’t retrieve submodules from github with the error “Could not resolve host: github.com”.

This seems to specifically affect Xcode builds(we also do a Linux build with clang on travis and it seems to work fine).

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The same happened in the past. I wonder if there’s no DNS cache on the build machines for some reason that’s beyond me.

I’m also seeing these errors on MacOS only, but in this case I see them every time I try re-running the latest version of the job so far…


Examples of hosts that cannot be resolved resulting in test failures:
raw.githubusercontent.com, goo.gl, docs.google.com

Is there some way to force a refresh of the DNS cache or something?

Update: when I got rid of osx_image: xcode8.3 setting and started using Travis’ default xcode, the problems went away.