Comment or indirect reply for travis-ci-community

It’d be nice to have an indirect reply feature on
Something similar to stack overflow’s comment feature.

Example usecase:
I found this question about the chrome 74 issue, which also affects me.

I wanted to add notes that the issue seems to appear with rvm 2.5.3, but not 2.4.4.
This cron build failed only 2.5.3 while the previous build (with no changes) passed.

I felt I shouldn’t directly reply to the question, since all I was adding as more context and example builds. It’d be nice to have a reply option that doesn’t directly answer the question.

Thank you for your suggestion! Please consider recommending this feature to (this is the forum software that is running on)

In the meantime, feel free to use the standard reply to add your notes as they might turn out valuable. Thanks again :tulip: