Can't specify "oldstable" as go_version in travis.yml

Hi, I’m trying to use “oldstable” and “stable” as go versions in .travis.yml, as described in gimme documentation (see My .travis.yml starts like this:

language: go
  - oldstable
  - stable
  - tip

So, it works with “stable”, but gives the following when I try to use “oldstable”:

gimme version

gimme: version specifier ‘oldstable’ unknown
error: GIMME_GO_VERSION not recognized as valid
got: oldstable
Failed to run gimme
The command “travis_setup_go” failed and exited with 86 during .

I am trying gimme 1.5.3 (presumably the same version) locally and it works fine:

$ GIMME_GO_VERSION=oldstable gimme -r

$ GIMME_GO_VERSION=stable gimme -r

It was reported by someone else back in September 2019 to but it’s still not working as of today.

From where I stand, it looks like:

  • gimme own version reporting is not entirely correct
  • travis uses old(er) gimme version that can’t recognize “oldstable”

OK, gimme 1.5.3 was released in 2018 and a version from git HEAD also shows 1.5.3, that explains why the version looks the same but the features are different.