Can't get folder inode inside docker container

I’m experiencing some issues with the Travis docker infrastructure.
Calling ls -i or stat inside the archilinux docker image results in Operation not permitted while on my local machine it works fine {os:archlinux,docker:19.03}.
Here’s some tests I’ve made
And the errors they causes
This prevents me from building lib3ds wich has this crazy check in the configure

ac_pwd=`pwd` && test -n "$ac_pwd" &&
ac_ls_di=`ls -di .` &&
ac_pwd_ls_di=`cd "$ac_pwd" && ls -di .` ||
  { echo "$as_me: error: Working directory cannot be determined" >&2

Find out which system call is responsible for that and give the container the necessary permissions.

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Thanks, now it’s so oblivious :smirk:
For the time being, I’ve added --privileged to docker run here to have the Arch-Linux container behave congruent with local system build.

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You can see system calls with strace. It will make it clear which one returns “operation not permitted”.

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Thanks Already did this. Smal caveat was that to be able to use strace inside a container I have to first add CAP_SYS_PTRACE capability to docker run.