Cannot stop build

I am working on a project that has a build config that involves multiple stages, and includes 118 jobs. The build takes a long time, and often there are new commits that make moot the results of the unfinished build. When this happens, I attempt to stop the unfinished build, so it does not interfere with the new build executed in lieu of the new commit.

When I try to stop the build, Travis CI responds to say the build has been stopped, and the UI turns gray. After ~10 to ~30 seconds , however, the build starts up again, and I have to press the “Cancel build” button again. I end up doing this countless times, sitting and watching for it to start again, just to stop it. Looking closer at what is happening, it seems that Travis is restarting the build for each job in sequential order. For my project, this effectively means I need to press “Stop build” over a hundred times. Alternatively, I could let the builds of the jobs fail on their own, but the problem with this workaround is that it corrupts the cache.