Can we get Visual Studio Community pre-installed?


Unfortunately the “build tools” deployment of vs2017, while containing the necessary toolchain components, still doesn’t include some useful things… in my case it’s, which only comes with a full install. It is still necessary for features like /upgrade, which migrates older version project configurations to the installed version. This is a hard-coded step in some dependent projects (premake, in my case).

It looks like its a 10m hit to have chocolately install visualstudio2017community and visualstudio2017-workload-nativedesktop:

I’m investigating culling the need for the full install, but having community + it’s workloads preinstalled would be awesome.


It’s worth noting that competing CI products out there come with a full install of visual studio pre-installed.


Idea: maybe a compiler directive in the .travis.yml, like vs2017-community, could allow for your back end to select an appropriate container with this software pre-installed?