C# build takes very long; NUnit takes several seconds between test-cases

Here’s one of my builds that took about 20 minutes to run. The main reason (that I’m concerned with) is that running NUnit tests pauses between test executions.

Locally, if I run dotnet test, it executes the tests in a few seconds (less than ten). If I run it with normal verbosity (like I do in Travis), I can see the individual test execution times are slightly slower than when they run on Travis; the total runtimes reported also seem similar.

However, I noticed that the build seems to freeze for several seconds between each successive test case. I suspected output buffering, but the builds actually do take very long.

Is this actually a problem and/or something I can do something about?


I am having the same issue: running on my desktop, the test process is only taking 24 seconds. I don’t see any command line switches which would affect this. In fact, it doesn’t change if I add the --no-build switch to dotnet test command. Not sure why the wide variation in execution time is occurring.