Builds often fail because of lack of resources (memory/cpu)


We started to experience often build failures because of resource problems recently. Often our builds now exit because of

Anything changed recently in the machine configuration?

Seems that our builds now run with 3.5 GB and 1 CPU rather than 7GB and 2 CPUs as it was before.

We are getting this with our builds as well. All of the builds that use Travis Worker version 6.2.1 have this issue, but all of the builds that are using Travis Worker 6.2.0 work just fine. For what it is worth I have opened an issue here but I am not sure if anyone checks the issues.

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Sorry for the troubles everyone.

We have reverted a change in production that should prevent your builds from running on these smaller VMs.

Please restart your previously failing build and let us know if it’s still not fixed on your side.