Build does not appear

hi guys ,
ive been working with travis for several months now, everything was great up until this moment , when I push my repo to github , there is no build on travis although the repo was updated .

I was trying with another repo , and the same . not sure why is that .

  • ive been authorized with github
  • my github account is not suspended or something
  • there are no requests in the ‘more option’ drop down on travis
  • also cant build manually inside the travis site
  • my github account is not an organization account

in short , I know how to use travis pretty well (I think) and This problem happened right away after a minor change in the project code (not travis file).

I would love for suggestions for troubleshooting this issue.

thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Same here. All of a sudden build doesn’t get triggered since like an hour ago.
Maybe it’s a travis’ temporary error?

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Also happening to me – this is unacceptable because we cannot deploy our apps…

you can see failed requests and errors by going to /requests in your URL. It should be invisible as a tab.

I am seeing “No commit available” and this ONLY happens when i manually trigger a build on a branch that I am 100% certain has commits pushed to remote.


Same here, already debugging for an hour, but same exact config that ran perfectly yesterday doesnt run today. It is indeed pretty annoying. Also nothing in requests tab.

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Just went to look at the status page. If you look at the active builds, they’ve definitely dropped since 9am but still says All Systems Operational

Tweeted at travis… will get back with any info as soon as I know. We JUST switched to travis from gitlab a few weeks ago. This is bad for us.

worked for me now guys , I think they solve the problem.

try to push again. all my previous build not showing

Builds are now being trigged on commit for me too, although manually trigged ones it still doesn’t like.

Check More Options -> Requests on the project page to see why builds aren’t created.