Build Config Validation: Using `api_key` breaks npm deployments

Relevant deployment config:

  skip_cleanup: true
  provider: npm
  email: "email removed"
    secure: "secure value removed"
    tags: true
    condition: $(node -e 'console.log("v" + require("./package.json").version)') = ${TRAVIS_TAG}

When build config validation is enabled it reports something along the lines of "api_key is alias for api_token, using api_token". The build then fails at deployment time with:

Installing deploy dependencies
Successfully installed dpl-npm-1.10.14
1 gem installed

Preparing deploy
NPM version: 6.13.4
missing api_key

failed to deploy

Disabling build config validation makes the deployment to npm work as expected.


  1. Copy-pasting log content into this community is ugly, so I may have borked the whitespaces there.
  2. Disabling build config validation also disables it for all previous builds, so I could not go back and copy-paste the exact messages. I think you guys should keep the output of the validation results per-build …
  3. If needed: Failing build is, passing build was manually triggered after disabling the validation through the UI and is

EDIT: Reverse api_key/_token

Duplicate of

@native-api: Try disabling “Build Config Validation” in the Travis settings, and trigger a new build. Indeed you are likely seeing exactly the problem I described above.

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I had the same issue and disabling “Build Config Validation” did in fact do the trick