Badges for different build stages

When we release a new version we usually have a checklist of items to perform before releasing.
I’d like to make each of our build stages a checklist item and the easiest way to do so would be to create a badge for that stage.

Is it something you’ll consider?

You can give a stage or a job a custom name.
If you only need to do these “checklist items” when releasing, use conditional stages.

As I understand your use case, this should fulfill your need.

Yes but I don’t think you can create a badge for a specific job or stage.

Oh, I see, you mean “badge” as in the build status badge: (passing).
Yes, badges currently only cover entire builds.

In any case, you can use a badge for the entire build in e.g. the list item for the final stage, and for the previous items, add a prominent note that this item is done automatically as part of the build.

Then if any of the stages fail, the build will fail and you will see that in your list.