ANSI logs missing colors and formatting problems

Travis log processor is missing all bright colors except gray from 3/4 but ANSI palette -

For example in the output of curl looks like this.

And it should be like this.

But it is not only colors, the output from docker-compose at line is stripped. The last line in Travis is

Creating cheatsh_redis_1_196f4df2e8b7 ... 

But in raw log there is one container being created.

Creating cheatsh_redis_1_196f4df2e8b7 ... 

Creating cheatsh_redis_1_196f4df2e8b7 ... e[32mdonee[0m
e[1BCreating cheatsh_app_1_369ec07d5d4c   ... 

Creating cheatsh_app_1_369ec07d5d4c   ... e[32mdonee[0m

The done word and everything after it is stripped.

Duplicate of

This is not a duplicate, because it is not a regression. The missing colors were never implemented in the first place. The ansiparse lib that the Travis uses just don’t have those codes.

Given that this 4 years old package is not very popular with 950 weekly downloads at maybe try to select another package?

Also, if the log parser/converter was standalone, I probably could pinpoint where the exact problem is by this time. )