Allow to restore a workspace in another OS

It fails to create the dir doing unpacking, see the log here

I see that the workspace created on Linux is not usable on the Mac and vice versa.


Correct, Mac was trying to consume the workspace create on Linux. I think it’s a normal use case.

I’ll just note here that we currently normalize the files to absolute paths, so that we can reliably find the files to cache. Switching to relative paths will require non-trivial amount of work in travis-build and casher.

This obviously is a useful thing in workspaces, and it needs to be addressed.

Are there plans to change this? I have an electron app, that builds mac/windows/linux and I need one stage to push to Github. If mac/linux can’t share that’s rather bad.

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Workspaces can be restored in another OS if we precreate the necessary directories and give the travis user permissions for them:

(do read the notes: OSX needs tweaking to allow this because it’s impossible to write stuff into /home in it out of the box)