All scroll-based functionality stopped working

Subj, since recently. Looks connected to New scrolling behavior .

Tested the below at

  • Press “Follow the log”/“Scroll to the end of the log”
  • Press “top” at the bottom of the log window
  • => nothing happens in each case
    • (when pressing “follow log”, the ring it pops up from does change to green but no scrolling is done)

  • Click a line number
  • Open a link with #L<number>
  • => it always scrolls to the top

FF 68.0.1 win64.

(Already checked that the ad blocker is disabled and restarted FF with add-ons disabled.)

Thanks for the report!

We acknowledge this new behaviour and that it’s been filed in an internal bug report.

We’ll follow up when we have more details.

Thank you for your patience!

Confirming all issues reported in the 1st message fixed.

Scrolling feels jerkier than it was before but it works.