The travis job terminated successfully, but after_failure is called

This is a problem from yesterday
The SCRIPT part of TRAVIS’s JOB succeeds and runs fine, but I’m having an issue where AFTER_FAILURE is always called.
echo “${TRAVIS_TEST_RESULT}” after each step, but they all return 0 as normal.

The command "echo "${TRAVIS_TEST_RESULT}"" exited with 0.
store build cache
0.00s$ echo "${TRAVIS_TEST_RESULT}"
35.14s$ gem install curb
0.68s$ test/bin/cancel-other-jobs

We’re also seeing this same exact issue - it started around 6AM Eastern on March 28, 2023. With no changes to our scripts or travis.yml, all f our jobs returned 0 and ran the after_failure:

The command "INSTALL_MODE="install" ./canary-scripts/" exited with 0.
$ ./canary-scripts/

We’ve reached out to Travis Support!

We also seeing the same issue started at around 6AM yesterday. Both the after_success.yml and after_failure.yml scripts were run

$ bin/travis/
$ bin/travis/
Done. Your build exited with 0.

We experienced the same issue. We had to delete our after_failure step to avoid this unexpected behavior. Are we right thinking that TRAVIS_TEST_RESULT decides if this step fires?

Hi everyone, as we’re looking into the issue, here’s the current workaround:

  - "[[ $TRAVIS_TEST_RESULT = 0 ]] && echo passed"
  - "[[ $TRAVIS_TEST_RESULT = 1 ]] && echo failed"

We’ve encountered this as well. no update after 3 weeks?

look at @montana’s reply here on this thread: TRAVIS_BUILD_STAGE_NAME not populated - #5 by Montana

Adding here as it seems likely linked. we’re seeing a weird thing where each of the jobs from our stage are being pumped through after_success even though they had failed.

Hi @convenient,

We are currently investigating.

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Yeah thanks @Montana , was just adding the comment here for completeness

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