Badge shows "Build Failing" but everything about the build is green/passed

Our latest build passed, everything is green, but the badge shows “build failing”.

2020-05-12 02_34_19-Pull Requests - apache_curator - Travis CI

I guess the web ui is out of sync.

Same issue here:

If I copy the badge URL and open it in a separate tab I also get the “build: failing” badge (as one would expect):

But if I remove the &status=passed portion of the URL I get the “build: passing” badge.

FWIW, quite a few people have mentioned this issue on the now-defunct travis-ci GitHub repo. I’m assuming they (like myself) found a matching GitHub issue via search results and didn’t notice the " Do not open new issues here!" message in the repo’s README.

Looks like a manifestation of the general problem with badge instability: