Way to update pull-request with link back to build artifacts in public PR's?


In a pull-request that is built publically I currently used transfer.sh to upload the resulting pypi package.

I use transfer.sh because it does not require credentials and I don’t need these results to stay around beyond the 14 day limit.

Now that works great, but to find the link I currently have to digg in deep into travis-ci logs.

Is there a way to augment the status update travis does on pull reuquests with a link or even a msg + text - i.e.

"You can install the result by running pip install https://transfer.sh/xyzt/homeassistant-cli-pr234.tar.gz"

Then this would be visible in the PR and anyone (even those without deep knowledge on where in travics logs the links are) can try out the result.

to be clear: if I’m running this as a non-public PR build I can do this using a secret with a github token etc. but its explicitly in the case of “normal” PR’s I would like the link - and here secrets are not available.

Much appreciated,