Repo Doesn't sync

Hi - I would like to report this issue for my account: rmcgirr83 (Rich McGirr).

It seems several others have previously reported this. It just spins…

in .com or .org?


Is there any update to this please? Syncing on here just doesn’t work. Interestingly enough migrating to .com and using that works fine BUT I don’t need to pay for a subscription.

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and now both .org and .com are failing. Syncing icon just spins and spins and never finishes.

Is it completely impossible to get some help here? I have repos that are both public and private. Some public ones aren’t showing up on .org while others are and some aren’t showing up on .com while others are. It’s a bit infuriating

Same issue here, unable to sync my github repos.

Hello @rmcgirr83 ,

Could you please follow the steps below to refresh your GH token?

Please let us know if this doesn’t work we will be ready to assist this on

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Worked for me. Thanks