Permissions issue when deploying iOS

Not sure where to post this, but I thought after chmodding, there should be no issues…

/Users/travis/ line 41: ./scripts/ Permission denied

I thought the file “” isn’t been permission. So I give these files appropriate permissions:

- chmod +x scripts/
- chmod +x scripts/

But it still failed.

This is the

security create-keychain -p travis ios-build.keychain
security default-keychain -s ios-build.keychain
security unlock-keychain -p travis ios-build.keychain
security set-keychain-settings -t 3600 -l ~/Library/Keychains/ios-build.keychain

Any ideas?

You are right that needs execute permission, which should be obvious. The issue is, your response was to change some different files – You need to add:

- chmod +x scripts/