Not able to create second release based on same commit with API request


We’re developing an SDK and a TestApp. The idea of TestApp is to integrate the SDK for testing purposes, both hosted at GitHub and both released under the same version every time.

When a build on a tagged commit from the SDK repo finishes it triggers the build of the TestApp with the same SDK version passed as an environment variable.

Issue happens when we have second SDK version released, but the repo of the TestApp is not changed since last SDK release and the new TestApp release will point to the same commit as the previous one. What I noticed is that the second release of the TestApp only changes the title in the release page, but the build file is the same.

Do you know how to configure it to create a new release even if the tagged commit in the TestApp is the same?

Script from SDK repo that triggers the TestApp build:

set -x
version=`cat sdk-version.txt`
\"request\": {
\"branch\" : \"master\",
\"message\" : \"Building and uploading $version\",
 \"config\": {
   \"env\": {
     \"SDK_VERSION\": \"$version\"

curl -s -X POST \
   -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
   -H "Accept: application/json" \
   -H "Travis-API-Version: 3" \
   -H "Authorization: token $TRAVIS_TOKEN" \
   -d "$body" \<<TEST_APP_NAME>>/requests

This is the travis.yaml for TestApp:

<<common lines building Android app>>

  provider: releases
  edge: true
    secure: <<API_KEY>>
  file: <<BUILD_FILE>>
  name: <<TITLE>>
  tag: <<SDK_VERSION>>
    branch: master
    condition: '-n "$SDK_VERSION"'

Hey there,

You can simply overwrite the existing release by adding the following line of the key in your deploy phase;

Travis CI Staff

I want to create a new release, because internally the TestApp is using newer version of the SDK, so the APK file produced from the build would be different.
Generally I could add a new commit to the TestApp repo when the SDK build is completed, but I’m asking if there is a such option first.