Java builds started to timeout for no obvious reason

Our Java builds (based on maven) had started to error for no obvious reason.
The first time it happened it WAS obvious - the log was too big. So I decreased its verbosity.

Now it fails on timeout. EXCEPT: the tests usually takes ~20 minutes. Now, after the 20 minutes (or so), the build continues for another 25-30 minutes, idle, showing (repeatedly every 30 seconds) messages like this:

Wed Apr 22 08:01:40 UTC 2020 - building ...

You can see an example log:

And the rest of the builds:

Is it not possible that the maven command is hanging? (It could be waiting for user input, for example.)

It seems application issue to me, though, so I can’t give you much more insight. If you want, we can enable the debug feature so you can troubleshoot further.

Thank you for your prompt response.
You mean you have a special debug feature that’s not Maven debug? Because Maven debug is already enabled and I couldn’t get anything from it…


I’ve enabled it for you.

I re-ran the latest failed build and the logs seem to be the same size, nearly the same lines number. Actually after you enabled debug there were 14 less lines.
What does Debug mode do? Does re-running a build actually uses this feature?

You need to send an API payload to indicate that you want to start a debug build. Restarting (from the web UI) does nothing different. Please read the documentation that I indicated.