Issue with Deploying to Google Cloud Storage

I’m having issues deploying my job to google cloud. I’d like to use dpl v2 to do so. I’ve created a fork of dpl that doesn’t result in the same error by removing the python requirement. It works but I don’t know if its the right approach

Travis deploy job (it runs node_js):
os: linux
language: node_js
node_js: 10

dist: trusty

cache: npm # cache build based on npm

    - stage: test # define stage called test, it propogates until it is overwritten
      script: npm run lint:hbs
      name: lint hbs
    - script: npm run lint:js
      name: lint javascript
    - script: npm run test:ember
      name: test ember app
        chrome: stable # chrome browser for tests

    - stage: deploy
      if: branch = master AND type = push AND fork = false
      branch: master
      script: echo 'Deploying'
      name: deploy application
      install: true # don't need to install
        provider: heroku:git
        api_key: $HEROKU_API_KEY
        edge: true # use v2
        cleanup: false
        app: camp-astrolabe # app name on heroku
          repo: wojm/Astrolabe
    - if: branch = beta AND type = push AND fork = false
      branch: beta
      script: npm run build:beta
      name: Deploying app to beta environment
      before_install: npm run decrypt:gcp_private_key.json
        provider: gcs
        key_file: gcp_private_key.json
        edge: true
        cleanup: false
        acl: public-read
        local_dir: ./dist
          repo: wojm/Astrolabe
          branch: beta

Results in the error:

Install deployment dependencies
Validating required runtime version: python (>= 2.7.9)
Failed validating runtimes: python (>= 2.7.9)
failed to deploy

The actual job is here, but I believe it’s private:

When I remove the line requiring python is removed, the job succeeds. Ive created a PR here:

I’d like to know if the above PR is the right approach.

When reporting problems, please consider including:

  1. What you are trying to achieve
  2. What you have tried (probably a link to the configuration)
  3. What happened instead (often, pointing to a build log URL, in the form of would be helpful).