Irritations of the "New Topic" form

  • There should be a “Preview” button in order to see how the markdown renders; after all, a programmer likely wants to test his work before he submits it to scrutiny!

  • New users are only allowed to embed 2 hyperlinks. However, what if there are 3 hyperlinks, but 2 of them are the exact same? Ha HA! Didn’t think of that, did you! Well, maybe it’s a waste of cycles to check for this scenario, but then again, maybe it’s not.

Hello, there.

Thanks for taking time to open this issue. We appreciate your feedback. When you open an issue, though, please keep it to a single subject, so that the discussion can have a good focus. For this thread, I will address both, since I believe they are easily dealt with.

  1. For posting, I do see the Preview pane, right next to the text area. Do you not?
  2. Limits to the number of hyperlinks is useful for preventing spam.


  1. Oh yeah? Take a look at my screenshot; do you see a preview?

    No. Because it’s apparently covered by this worthless, patronizing, ridiculous yellow notification overlay, and it’s not obvious at first blush that this overlay can be closed, or that doing so will reveal a preview.

    I suspect there’s a similar design mistake for an initial submission.

  2. That’s a straw man; I never impugned the usefulness of limiting the number of hyperlinks.

    Rather, sometimes it’s useful to repeat a hyperlink for the sake of precision, and preventing that repetition does not help you prevent spam. That being said, I admit that checking for this condition is probably a waste of computation, but I felt compelled to let you know that I was irritated.

    An alternative solution is to require a CAPTCHA for a submission that involves more than 2 hyperlinks. People understand your skepticism, but they still want the benefit of the doubt and therefore the ability to prove themselves instead of having to re-write what they’ve written.

  1. Please dismiss that yellow dialog box (with Esc, or click on the “×” in the upper right corner). You will see the preview pane.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. We will look into it, but do understand that it might not be something we can address to your satisfaction.

Oh. I’m talking to a bot.