Environment Variables don't get set with 2 concurrent builds?

Our deployment consists of one .travis.yml that first deploys to our staging environment via AWS and then to production environment also via AWS.

In the .travis.yml we have defined several encrypted environment variables, e.g. for AWS authentication. When we recently changed the travis settings from 1 to 2 concurrent builds, the deployments failed. While debugging the build we found that all the encrypted environment variable values were not exported. Changing back to 1 concurrent build and re-encrypting the env variables fixed the pipeline again.

Question: Is this a known issue? Or did we do something wrong?

This is llikely connected to

When reporting problems, please include relevant build URLs. Thanks.

I do not want to post build URLs publicly since it is an enterprise project.

Understood. In that case, please contact our enterprise support. We’ll take a look.

would you be so kind to provide the email address for the enterprise support? Thanks

enterprise@travis-ci.com, please!

Just wanted to add this was related to Encrypted env vars are not set and concurrent jobs had nothing to do with it. It is working now.