Can i use the env variable to set deploy->api_key

Hope you can help solve it
When I use travis setup releases to generate the deploy api_key like this

   provider: releases
      secure: aSaEvrpwgeH9AObclfv....

It’s OK and deploy successfully. When I copy the secure value into Travis-CI environment variables like this:

and use the api_key like this:

  provider: releases
    secure: $TOKEN
  file: "./GCanvas/core/test/linux/build/result.txt"
    repo: luckzhiwei/GCanvas
    branch: master
    tags: true

When I change the setting below, the deploy stage throw error "GET 401 - Bad credentials ". I’m confused about it. Is it that I can’t use environment variables to set api_key of deploy

The value you set in the settings page should not be encrypted.

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thank you. I will try to solve it as you say