Arm64 VM crashes when starting Debug mode and downloading AppImageTool


Nice to see arm64 servers machines coming here :slight_smile:

However I experienced two problems while trying to build

Debug build initiated by benkuper
rm: cannot remove ‘/home/travis/.netrc’: No such file or directory
Setting up debug tools.
cat: write error: Broken pipe
Preparing debug sessions.
Use the following SSH command to access the interact

The same build works fine on x86_64.

Are these known problems ?
Thanks !

Hi @tommag!

Thanks for testing out the arm64 builds. Do you have an exact build link, which failed in the described way? It’ll help us to diagnose the problem.

Sorry for long silence, working our way through all the feedback in queue :wink:


I had this problem with this build :

I actually found out shortly after that what I needed was armhf, not arm64 so I had no choice but cross-compiling from x64.