Arm64 builds hang, with output truncated mid-line

it happens for last several days

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This command is problematic:

travis_wait scripts/ > build-ssl.log 2>&1 || (cat build-ssl.log && exit 1)

It redirects all output to file – even that of travis_wait itself. So it will terminate your build if this step takes more than 10 minutes.

To redirect output just from the command, use

travis_wait bash -c 'scripts/ >build-ssl.log 2>&1' || (cat build-ssl.log && exit 1)
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suggested fix was applied, indeed I messed with redirection.

it works in my own fork

however, it is still broken in original repo

I localized the output truncation problem and reported it at Output is truncated heavily in ARM64 when a command hangs.

It is indeed caused by a hanging command and only happens in Multi-CPU architecture environments, but the truncation happens long before the offending line.

So currently, it’s only possible to identify the offending command by elimination.

The difference between your fork and the original repo (assuming you are building exactly the same code) is secret variables and cache. So this is where I would look first.

that build does not depend on variables.

thank for the hint, I’ll clear cache and try again

They could still matter because when they are present, the output is not a tty – this may be affecting code behavior.