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Skip on [ci skip] PR label (1)
Modify `$` prompt (or print information on each script step) (5)
Way to update pull-request with link back to build artifacts in public PR's? (1)
Pass the PR origin's Repository Settings alongside Github Pull Request (3)
Add `kcov` support as a standard Rust feature (2)
Issue: Accessibility: build success/failure favicons are difficult to distinguish (1)
Issue: Build status badge by event type (Migrated GitHub Issue) (1)
Sending Files as Attachment on Notifications (1)
Issue: Thoughts for Secure Environment Variables usage in PR's (Migrated from issues) (1)
Work out kinks in interactions between stages, allow_fail, and fast_finish (3)
Use a more compact dashboard on mobile (4)
Enable IPv6 for MySQL service (1)
Support multiple env: (environment variables -- based) axes via a list of lists (2)
Add support to not skip build for deploy (10)
[New Feature] Remove build (1)
How to run the docker using bash instead of sh? (7)
Trigger PR build on base branch push (4)
Linux Multiarch testing tips (3)
Invalid config should be reported to GitHub as an error (2)
Allow a next-stage job read-only access to the cache of a previous-stage one; or make exported/imported artifacts (1)
Please add Jazzy gem to the OSX/Xcode images (1)
Cache for Android/Java/Gradle builds (4)
Expand variables in job names (3)
Log folds which are open by default (1)
Snap Addon Similar to apt addon available? (3)
Create a new configurable cron job with travis (1)
Always show allow_failures (allowed_failures) when build stages are used (1)